Saturday, February 22, 2014

Instagram Hashtags

Twitter might have started and popularized the hash tag, but many sites utilize them, to varying degrees of success.

Take, for example, the photo sharing app Instagram. I have a love/hate relationship with hash tags on this app. The more hastags I add to my photos, the more attention that photo gets. It can be a difference of 30 or more likes if I pile on the hash tags.

However, if I do load up the caption box with tags, fellow users tend to think I am being pretentious or even ridiculous.

I have heard a few of my friends talk about this issue a couple of times and can only imagine what they would have said if I was not in the room. I understand where they are coming from. Seeing lines of hash tags below a photo does tend to look like a cry for attention or just a mess.

So how do users get their photos more attention? I have been trying different approaches and strategies to get my photos more likes and get me more followers and will submit my report soon.

For now, all I can ask is for you to check out my account @sugarcursed and like the photos that appeal to you and I will do the same.

Fortunately, other sites have found ways of incorporating hasth tags into posts in ways that are not so in the reader's face. This site, blogger, is a good example. Bloggers add labels to their posts in a separate box from the body, using commas to separate each lable. In this way, the posts can be indexed with the tags without them being so obvious.

Winter Blues

This winter really seemed to get to me. Not only did we get a lot of snow, it also seemed very dark and long.

Spring is right around the corner and the days are getting longer, but I still feel drained and lethargic most of the time.

There have been moments when I felt motivated and ready to take on the world, but there were also many times when I felt like doing nothing.

Winter blues, go away. I need to make sure this is my year!