Tuesday, August 7, 2012

So I Don't Forget After Work

I have one of those jobs where having my phone on my desk is frowned upon. So I keep it in a drawer and look at it a few times a day (breaks and lunch). If I were able to keep it out, the note apps would be put to good use. It seems I always think of something that needs to be done later while I am sitting there doing my work.

By the time I get home after work, I want to forget about my day and focus on everything else that needs to be done at home. Fortunately, I have come up with a great and simple way to keep organized.

When I come up with something that needs to be done while at work, I write it down on a sticky note (aka Post it note). Then I stick that sticky to the back of my phone the next time I look at it. This way, I can write notes to myself for later and will not even be able to forget the note, since it will be stuck on the back of my phone.

For example, say I am at work and I realize I need to call my friend to ask about something. I will jot it down on a sticky note and then place that sticky on the back of my phone, throw the phone back in the drawer, and remember to take care of it after work.

I bet this tip would help many people such as myself who work and need to remember things.

Happy Days
Kayleigh Apicerno

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