Monday, April 4, 2016

Catching Up Over Coffee - January 2016 at Landmark Cafe

My sister and I decided a while back to meet up once a month at a different coffee shop in Connecticut in order to catch up and see the state. This blog series serves as a review of the coffee shops we visit. 

January, 2016 - My sister and I met one evening in late January for some dinner and coffee at a small cafe in Manchester, CT. We had decided to meet up once a month at a different coffee shop in Connecticut in order to catch up and see the state.

For our first outing, we met closer to her home. She lives about an hour north of me with our father, so I got a chance to see him as well. Since we were in her area, she got to pick where we would go and chose The Landmark Cafe. 

I got there first and picked a table, which was a bit of a challenge for me because each table was unique and had its own charm. Even each set of salt and pepper shakers were different. I picked one and sat down to wait. 

My sister and I ended up ordering sweet potato fries for an appetizer, which came with a mayo based dipping sauce, which was very tasty. She had a Alfredo pasta dish and I got a veggie wrap. Both were quite tasty. 

After dinner, we finally got to the coffee. We learned that Landmark Cafe has specialty lattes and mochas, which made our night. My sister ordered the Caramello and I had the Banana Fudge (closer mug). Both were very delicious! 

The Caramello tasted just like you would expect a latte version of the candy bar to taste. The thick foam carried the taste of the toasted marshmallow and smooth caramel from mug, over taste buds, and into the stomach. It was a joy to sip. 

Sweet chocolate and creamy banana pair so well, it seems, in any form. Each sip of the Banana Fudge latte was a treat. This is the kind of experience I hope to have each time I order a latte. 

Now for the real test - would I visit this cafe again? The answer is yes. In fact, I already have. I happened to be back in Manchester to go wedding dress shopping and brought my entire party here for lunch. They all enjoyed it as well! 

If you want to learn more about our coffee adventures and why we are doing this, read the first post, Catching Up Over Coffee 

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