Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Catching Up Over Coffee - April 2016 at Cheshire Coffee in Cheshire

My sister and I decided a while back to meet up once a month at a different coffee shop in Connecticut in order to catch up and see the state. This blog series serves as a review of the coffee shops we visit. 

April, 2016 - This month, my sister and I decided to meet about half way from our homes, which turned out to be Cheshire, CT. There is a coffee shop in this town fittingly called Cheshire Coffee. I had been there a few times before, but not with my sister, so we figured this would be a good time for her to try it. 

This coffee shop is located in a stand alone building and has it's own parking lot, something we don't see too often around here. 

Inside, the place is spacious yet cozy. There are photos hanging on the walls, big comfy chairs scattered around, and some tables for those who want to eat and work. The people are always so nice on both sides of the counter as well. 

For food, I had the turkey wrap with smoked Gouda and asparagus. My sister had a chicken panini. This is the second or third time I had this wrap and I will probably have it again next time I go. I also had the caramel macchiatto while my sister had a flavored iced coffee. I don't remember exactly which one, though. 
Everything was delicious and tasty. Would we go back? I know I would!
We weren't done with our day yet...

As an added bonus, we visited a well known ice cream shop called Sweet Claude's . Boy did it live up to its reputation! Even in the light rain, there was still a line, and we found out why. The ice cream was so smooth, thick, and creamy. Delicious. In a state full of top notch ice cream, it's hard to stand out. Very few are as well known and respected as Sweet Claude's. My only regret is that this was my first time visiting. 


This post is one in a series of monthly posts. If you are wondering why I am writing this series, head on over to Catching Up Over Coffee to read the explanation. 

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